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Payroll Operations - Cluster Lead - UK


At Neeyamo, we're looking for a strategic Payroll Operations Cluster Lead to champion seamless payroll delivery and client satisfaction in a specific country. You'll be responsible for leading a team, ensuring compliance, driving continuous improvement through automation, and fostering knowledge transfer within your team. This includes involvement in talent acquisition, development, and management of your team members. You'll be a champion for efficiency and a key partner in building a world-class payroll operation in your assigned country.

Your role in a nutshell

This role oversees payroll delivery for a specific country, ensuring compliance, accuracy, and client satisfaction. You'll manage a team, automate processes, and develop in-house expertise. You'll also focus on cost control and revenue generation while keeping client commitments and eliminating manual work.

Core Responsibilities

  • Employees will be responsible for seamless Payroll delivery across the country he/she is responsible for.
  • Expected to keep country compliance documents updated as and when changes occur.
  • Expected to review business processes and keep continuous improvement towards superior delivery and gain the highest client satisfaction in the payrolls of the country he/she is responsible for.
  • Manage a team of Country leads and Process experts and have proper governance and reporting framework deployment to ensure that all exceptions get addressed in an effective manner.
  • Making sure that all country-specific knowledge is captured effectively and recorded in the system – this needs to be percolated within the processing team of that country.
  • Focus on Automation to reduce /eliminate manual intervention in process flows.
  • Ensure that the country team develops in-house capability for processing and auditing payroll delivery within six to nine months of starting operations in a specific country.
  • Get involved in Talent Acquisition, Development, and Management of all country leads and processing experts.
  • 100% fulfillment of all agreed SOW with clients served within the country, including service levels such as Accuracy, TAT, Compliance, etc.
  • 100% achievement of maintaining overall Costs as a % of the revenue earned in the country (Including Vendor cost).
  • 100% score in PNC Rocks and Payroll Rocks for the country and, thereby ensuring every manual or semi-manual process is set to automation within a stringent & aggressive timeline.
  • Ensuring there is No Revenue Loss in the cluster - due to poor quality of delivery, for the respective country.

Experience and Skills


  • Reliability, ownership, and proactiveness
  • 100% ethical behaviour and Go-Getter.
  • Adhering to data privacy and confidentiality norms
  • Ownership of responsibility

Qualification and Skills:

  • Verbal communication
  • Any graduate preferred with a few additional industry specific certifications, such as CIPP, is mandatory.
  • Good Experience in Leadership is a must.
  • Experience: 2 – 5 years
  • Leadership and Operational Excellence
  • Strong Customer and People Interfacing Capability
  • Strong in Excel and to be able to run payroll in Excel
  • Excellent Domain expertise in that country’s payroll, next to none.

Selection Parameters:

  • Excellent track record of Leadership in the Payroll Industry
  • Excellent Domain Knowledge of that country with a proven track record of handling multiple payrolls and customers of that country
  • Excellent Communication and Travel Ready

Selection parameters for IJP

  • As per Neeyamo’s corporate IJP policy

Work Culture

  • At Neeyamo, every employee will be deemed a kNight where qualities such as fairness, integrity, mutual respect, performance, and ethics are held in high regard
  • Each kNight at Neeyamo is selected through a rigorous screening process to ensure that deserving candidates join the organization.
  • Neeyamo’s relatively young workforce is always seen to infuse a lot of energy on the floor – with several events and programs.
  • The organization offers a multi-cultural work environment that enables every individual to excel beyond pre-defined geographic boundaries.

Location and Shift

  • This role will be at Pune and Madurai.
  • He/she should be available as per the respective country’s time zone
  • There will be a need for travel.

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