Neeyamo Global Payroll – HiBob HRIS announce Integration Partnership

29 Aug, 2023
2 Mins Read
Neeyamo_HiBob Integration

Los Gatos, USA 

Neeyamo, a leading Global Payroll provider, and HiBob, a leading HR Platform, have announced their partnership with intentions to unite their services and provide the optimum Global Payroll - HRIS amalgamation. Neeyamo intends to widen HiBob's reach by providing its customers across the globe with its hyper-automated, holistically-global, and fully-integrated payroll solution, irrespective of the employee count or presence.  

HiBob is an award-winning HR platform that provides its customers with its Core HR Management system, platforms for onboarding, performance, and compensation management, time and attendance, people analytics, workforce planning, and other aspects of employee management. HiBob users, whether already existing or new, will be able to harmoniously integrate their global payroll system with Neeyamos Global Payroll Connector.  

Neeyamo's Global Payroll connector promotes a seamless flow of data from HiBob's HRIS, which would be the sole source system and system of record for employee data. This obviates the necessity for manual data exporting, a process that is time-consuming and susceptible to inaccuracies. 

Neeyamo's ability to process payroll in over 160 countries eliminates the need for multiple payroll vendors and systems. This guarantees an effective and transparent workflow, evident through the Neeyamo and HiBob's Payroll Hub Dashboard. This integration offers clients a cost-efficient and time-saving solution while safeguarding employee data privacy. 

Speaking on the partnership with HiBob, Catherine Honey, VP Global Alliances at Neeyamo, stated, “We are delighted to be partnering with HiBob. This integration will provide a holistic and seamless experience for our clients and their employees across the globe. Together, we aim to transform the way organizations manage and engage their workforce, leveraging the power of data, automation, and personalization.” 

Guy Mokady, Partner Programme Manager at HiBob, says: "We are delighted to announce our exciting new tech partnership with Neeyamo, a collaboration that will infuse the HiBob marketplace with the power of choice for HR professionals to tailor their payroll strategies according to their unique needs, all within a unified ecosystem. A smooth and efficient payroll system not only enhances job satisfaction but also instills a sense of trust and reliability within the workforce. In celebrating this partnership, we look forward to witnessing the positive transformation it brings to HR teams, employees, and the overall work experience.” 

With the launch of Payroll 3.0, Neeyamo continues to provide its customers with never-before-seen technology which will soon catapult Neeyamo to become one of the most favored global payroll provider. In tandem with the HiBob HRIS, clients will be guaranteed an enhanced employee experience. More information on Neeyamo’s integration can be found on the HiBob website, which provides easy access to solutions built by HiBob, its software, and other partners. 

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